Raspberry Seed Antioxidant Face Oil

Raspberry Seed Antioxidant Face Oil

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Anti-oxidant rich face oils are a great all-natural alternate to moisturiser creams.  Preservative/emulsifiers/fragrance free. Face oils are perfect for people looking to enhance their current skincare routine or those wanting to change to something more natural.

Use a face oil as the first layer, before moisturiser, sunscreen or makeup if you use these.  The light, easily absorbed blend will disappear quickly.  Face oils can be used morning and/or night.

30ml bottle.  Use 5-6 drops either directly onto the face then massage in, or alternately drop onto the palm of your hand then rub palms together to disperse oil and wipe over face.

Best face oil for anti-aging, dry or inflammed skin


Raspberry seed oil - Rich in Omega 3 & 6 Raspberry seed oil is good for protecting against sun damage.  High in ellegic acid, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and collagen destruction, both major causes of wrinkles.

Sea buckthorn fruit oil - Sea buckthorn fruit oil has an abundance of vitamin C & E.  It calms and soothes chronic skin conditions and has antiinflammatory and antimicrobial effects.  It may be useful with rosacea.

Olive squalane - Squalane is the more stable form of squalene, a natural componant of skin that reduces with age.  Squalane prevents against signs of aging by increasing skin elasticity and promoting collagen production.

Jojoba oil - Pronounced ho-ho-ba, jojoba is a liquid wax that helps to lock in moisture.  Jojoba oil is rich in iodine making it a great ingredient in the fight against acne.

Milk Thistle Seed Oil - Milk thistle oil is effective at controlling inflammatory skin conditions and has antioxidant and anti aging effects.  

Argan Oil - Most commonly known as an effective hair moisturiser argan oil is also great at hydrating and softening skin.  It is a good source of natural vitamin E