• $10.00

Peachy is a blend of a few favourite sweet fruit fragrances.  The result is reminiscent of peach wine; cheerful and uplifting, and with its bright mix of orange, yellow and magenta on a white background it is probably our prettiest soap.  It is also one of our most gifted soaps.

Like all of this range Peachy is made using the cold process method and is made entirely by hand.  It can be temperamental!  Temperature management is an essential part of making great soap but with so many colours and splits it occasionally gets away on us.  The timing is tight, the white and all three colours on the top must be at the same state of readiness in order to get the perfect waves and you have maybe 30 seconds to get these things to come together.  Its soapmaking extremes!  And sometimes even now we still make scrap bars.


  1. The final cut bars
  2. Testing the coloured layer to see if it will take the top layer without sinking
  3. The top of the loaf before we scoop the edges
  4. The finished loaf

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