Kawakawa & Hemp Seed Balm

  • $22.00

An all purpose balm for everything from protecting dry, itchy, cracked or damaged skin, as a lip balm, anti-chafing balm, to manage unruly eyebrows or even a gentle make up remover.  If you ever used Vaseline to do something then a natural balm does all that and more without the petroleum products.

Balms are thick blends of oils and waxes designed to protect dry skin, lock in skin moisture and protect against water loss, reduce itching and deliver plant based goodness into the upper layers of the skin.  Our balms are soft so you can scoop as much as you need.

Kawakawa & hemp seed oil (green) contains;

  • olive oil (extra virgin),
  • hemp seed oil (cold pressed,organic),
  • carnauba wax (organic), a vegan alternative to beeswax
  • shea butter (organic)
  • coconut oil (organic, cold pressed)
  • tamanu oil (cold pressed, virgin, unfiltered, spray free)
  • kawakawa (infused from dried leaf)
  • tea tree essential oil 

All listed organic oils are certified organic by biogro



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