Coconut & Glycerin Foaming Soap Concentrate

Coconut & Glycerin Foaming Soap Concentrate

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Sparkly lemony May Chang*^, honeyed sweet Rose Petals, cool Peppermint* or *new* Green Tea, which one will you choose?   Our 100ml foaming soap concentrate makes up to 1 litre of soap for your foamer bottles.  Note: This will only work in foamer bottles.  It is not suitable for liquid soap pumps   

Get the healthy, moisturised hands you expect from a glycerin-rich handmade soap, without the messy soap dish!   This liquid soap is made from Pacific coconut oil and is free from detergents such as SLS.  It is enriched with extra glycerin for healthy, glowy, dewey-soft hands.  Use as you would any foaming soap.  Dispense onto dry hands and work up a lather.  Continue to lather for 20 seconds (sing the Happy Birthday song) and then rinse.  The easy rinse formula removes dirt and washes away leaving no irritating residue.


How to Dilute: 

If you are using one of our refillable bottles: Locate the measurement lines on the back of the bottle. Add water to the first fill line, then add Foaming Soap Concentrate to the second line.

If you don't have fill lines on your bottle: Add 225 grams of water to the foamer bottle. Add 25 grams of foaming soap concentrate.

Tilt gently a few times until the soap and water have combined.  

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Water, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide (used to turn coconut oil into soap, does not remain in the final product), Fragrance, Preservative (Phenoxyethanol and Ethylhexylglyerin), colour (excluding May Chang)


*plant-based essential oil

^naturally coloured