English Garden

  • $10.00

English garden is a blend of wild flowers mixed with the more refined fragrances of lilies and roses.   We had a lot of fun designing this soap to reflect the fragrance.  Bright whites serve as a backdrop for hundreds of coloured splashes representing beautiful flowers in bloom. 
For this soap we make 3 loaves at once - in effect mass production! It is the only soap where we can make more than one at a time.
The process for making English Garden takes two days.  On the first day we make coloured soap and that sets up overnight.  The next day Mark grates all the soap and portions them into bowls.  Then we make 3 white base layers, 3 middle layers to which we add the grated soap and then finally pour 3 top layers.  This fragrance sets up quite hard, quite fast so we only have time to splash a little soap around the tops of the loaf and we're done.
  1. The final soap bars
  2. Grated soap being mixed with new white soap
  3. The middle layer with the grated soap, in the mould
  4. The last picture in the set shows the newly splashed soap on the surface.  Something about the shininess of the soap has made it appear that the splashes are actually sunken into the soap, not raised as they actually are.

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