Cactus flower - 3 styles

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Cactus flower comes in 3 variations; fireworks, swamp water and faded dreams.  All 3 use the regular "Art of Soap" recipe with goats milk and mulberry silk, rice bran oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil and shea butter + sodium hydroxide (required to turn oils into soap), titanium dioxide (mineral whitener) and micas for colour.

Cactus flower is a lovely mellow, sweet floral fragrance.  

Fireworks: ($7) A regular sized bar (about 115 grams) with orange, yellow and green elements in a white base.  This was close to the intended design but colours were a bit thin when the design was created.  Not bad, I rate it 8/10 :D 

Swamp water: ($3) A regular sized bar (about 115 grams) with a muddy mess of colours.  I have no idea how it got this mixed up.  4/10, it is soap and it smells nice but otherwise no redeeming features :(  

Faded Dreams: ($5) I had high hopes for this one and I imagine that underneath the faded face there will be a very pretty bar.  These bars are smaller than the others, a minimum of 95 grams so would be good for small hands. 7/10, should look better when wet

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