What makes our soap special?

Guilt free skin care

Each of our small batch soap bars is made by hand with a carefully balanced blend of environmentally & socially sustainable ingredients.  We use coconut oil harvested using traditional methods in the Pacific region, fair trade shea nuts harvested and processed by women in West Africa, sustainable palm oil farmed by a collective of smallholder farmers in East Africa, and rice bran oil, a by-product of the rice refining process.  Together these oils create a long lasting soap bar with an indulgent cushiony lather to protect your skin, which rinses easily leaving no irritating residues.  We use the same oils in each of our soap bars (except Lemongrass Salt which is 100% coconut oil based, and Tea Tree, Hemp & Charcoal which also contains hemp seed oil) so regardless of whether you are buying Art of Soap, Square-ish, or Wild by Nature, you are getting our same quality ingredients.

Quality in, quality out

Our focus on the quality of our ingredients is what helps make our soap extra good for your skin.  By using high quality, fresh, food grade and minimally refined oils we get the added benefits of skin care goodies like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and triterpenes including squalene.  We've chosen our oils to give us the maximum amount of these extra goodies, and we've added more ingredients to some ranges, like goat milk, aloe vera or coconut milk, to give us even more.  

Sustainability built in

Sustainability begins by using less so we have incorporated a few extra features into our bars to make them last longer.  Each soap bar is cured for about 90 days.  This helps the bar last longer in the shower by making it more resistant to water.  For Art of Soap and Square-ish we also cut each bar chunkier to reduce the surface area, further slowing down the wear rate.  Wild by Nature is processed differently.  These bars are "gelled" (basically melted in the mould, forming a more water resistant structure) so to increase the lather we have increased the surface area.

Made by hand for more goodness! 

With all of these beautiful ingredients it would be a shame to waste them on an inferior product so we use the traditional "cold process" batch method to make our soap bars.  This process creates a soap with two special features.  Firstly, glycerin, naturally created during the soap making process, is retained within the soap bar.  Glycerin is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture out of the air around us (and there is lots of moisture in the shower!) and holds it deep in the skin.  Secondly, a percentage of the oils used to make the soap do not become soap.  These extra oils help to trap moisture into the skin by creating a thin breathable barrier similar to how a body oil would. This is a great ingredient for dry skin but also works well to protect and balance oily skin.  The combination of these two ingredients creates an in-shower lotion that protects your skin as you wash.

Naturally good

Our soap bars are free from unnecessary chemicals, SLS and phthalates.