What makes our soap special?

 The best thing about our soap bars is that they aren't just soap!  Each bar contains around 23% of ingredients that are not soap - ingredients that moisturise and protect your skin as you wash.  So what are these extra ingredients?

Glycerin, around 9% by weight.  Due to the magic of chemistry glycerin is created during the soap making process.  Glycerin is a humectant that draws moisture out of the air around us (and there is lots of moisture in the shower!) and holds it deep in the skin.  Glycerin is a natural ingredient in your body so it doesn't irritate or cause any problems in your skin.  Glycerin enhances the water holding capacity of your skin and can substitute for your skins own natural moisturising factors.  Glycerin is grippy and isn't easily washed away. It is responsible for that dewey soft feeling after your shower when you use handmade soap.

Extra oils, about 6%, help to trap moisture into the skin by creating a thin breathable barrier.  This is a great ingredient for dry skin but also works well to protect and balance oily skin.

Additives and unsaponifiables (quantity varies by range): High quality, fresh, food grade and minimally refined oils all contain higher levels of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, triterpenes, tocopherols, squalene and so on, known in soapmaking as unsaponifiables as they do not turn into soap.   Refining processes like de-waxing, using older oils and overheating or microwaving oils can all reduce the quantity and quality of these unsaponifiables. We've chosen our oils to give us the maximum amount of these extra goodies, and we've added more ingredients to some ranges, like goat milk, aloe vera or coconut milk, to give us even more.  

Our recipe is;

  • designed to rinse easily to reduce irritation from residues
  • low in oleic acid to reduce the sticky afterfeel
  • low in coconut oil to reduce irritation
  • high in cushiony oils to reduce stretching your skin while washing
  • high in hard oils to help it last longer