About Inga Ford Soapmaker
Inga Ford Soapmaker is a manufacturing wholesaler of beautiful, high quality cold process soap and a range of premium bath and body products.  We supply our range to 40+ carefully selected independant retailers New Zealand wide.
We are artisans.  We use high quality ingredients and traditional processes to make exceptional products, free from the inevitable compromises required by highly automated systems.  Its labour intensive and hard work but we love making our product range and we think its worth the effort.

The Art of Soap - For lovers of fragrance and colour the Art of Soap is a dozen of the most indulgent fragrances all wrapped up an arty cold process soap.  The cold process is a natural soap making method that combines carefully chosen ingredients + time to make a richly moisturising soap suitable for all skin types.
Regular milled soap is boiled, refined and then stripped of its natural glycerin. This process makes soap with a long shelf life but it is also very drying. Cold process soap is never boiled or refined - the whole batch is made directly into the mould so all the natural moisturisers, antioxidants and skin care oils still exist in the final bar.  This means our soap has a shorter shelf life (about 2 years) but its a small price to pay for healthier skin.

Modern Alchemy - MA is a bit more science-y than the Art of Soap.  It includes a range of scrubs and body wash to make shower time and skin care oh so much fun!  Whipped textures, gentle non-stripping surfactants and specialty ingredients combine to make a range that is foamy, fun and fabulous!