The Man Bundle (save 25%)

The Man Bundle (save 25%)

  • $30.00

Unisex natural fragrances, simple natural colours and a non-fussy shape.  No frills, great soap, good price.  Man-style shopping at its best!


Pictured (from the top) are;

Lemongrass (also available in oatmeal scrub)

Rosemary Mint (also available in oatmeal scrub)

Charcoal & Tea Tree (a great body soap, also good for face)

Star Anise & Orange Hand Scrub (with coffee grinds and pumice for scrubbing hands, orange oil as a de-greaser and star anise as a deodoriser.  Great for gardeners, fishermen, chefs, mechanics and anyone who gets really dirty hands)

Choose any 4 from this range.  Just let me know in the checkout comments if you would like to make any changes to the selection.

For more information on each of these products see the individual product pages.

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