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No Fear Marketing

Fear marketing is everywhere and it works to sell product. But the use of fear or other strong negative emotions to make you buy a product is a lousy way to behave so we just wont do it. 
There are plenty of other ways to promote our product range without resorting to "free from scary stuff" or "buy this or you'll never find a husband"!

No False Claims

Untested, unproven product claims are modern day snake oil. We follow the simple rule: "If you cant prove it then don't say it". 
There will be no crystal infusions, unproven aromatherapy claims, homeopathy or similar in our marketing or products, nor will we call something natural when it isn't, or make ridiculous claims like "chemical free".

No Pushy Salespeople

There is nothing worse than a salesperson who just wants to hard sell their stuff. If you've ever found yourself buying something just to get the salesman to shut up then you know what I mean. 
We want you to feel comfortable browsing our products and enjoying the sights and smells both at market and in-store with our carefully selected stockists.

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